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eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online (MMO), social networking and strategy web browser game. The game allows players to participate as individual citizens in an online mirror of the real world. It was developed by Alexis Bonte and George Lemnaru.

eRepublik combines both Social Networking and Strategy into a single online game where players can participate in a variety of activities. Citizens of the eRepublik world can own businesses, form political parties, vote in elections, write newspaper articles, and even go to war as citizens of virtual versions of real life countries. Upon joining, a citizen picks which virtual country he wishes to join. Each of these countries is named after an actual country in the real world, and is located similarly. The citizen then seeks employment at a company within that country, and is allowed the opportunity to train as a soldier for that country. Training, and working at a company is done on a daily basis.

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    «In eRepublik you are a real citizen of your virtual country.»

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    «Your dreams become real in eRepublik.»

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    «eRepublik offers a real second life.»



There's more than three years that eRepublik's Iranian Portal gives lots of services such as forum, chatrooms, IRC, Wiki, Educations and... to alll Iranian citizens and connect them together.

eRepublik Iranian forum with more than 5 thousand users, 9 thousand Topics and 150 thousand post (within 3 years) is avaliable for all Iranian citizens of eRepublik.


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